1. ZudaGay on Etsy: Meet Zuda Gay Pease
  2. Fehu Stoneware on Etsy: Meet Pearl Peters
  3. Designs by Vanessa on Etsy: It’s all for the birds
  4. Made by Melissa on Etsy: Engineer by day, artist after hours
  5. Becky Kazana on Etsy: The inspirational world of “kazana”
  6. CalKat the Jewelry Junkie on Etsy: Two women, one vision
  7. Patch First Shop on Etsy: Classic elegance on a string
  8. Dizzy Dragonflies on Etsy: Addicted to yarn
  9. Featured EtsyBlogger of the Month: Joy Charde
  10. Jan’s Studio, Pamela Quilts, Playing With Fiber, Meaghan Art and Fabric Fascination: Meet participants from the 52 Weeks Challenge: Week 5
  11. Nancy Zieman: Humble but essential tools for sewing
  12. Cedar Point Designs, Big Island Rose Designs, Quilting Diva, Jacqueline Jewelry and Mozella Designs: Meet more participants of the 52 Weeks Challenge – Week 6
  13. Whimsy Pics, Crafty Willows and Quilted 2 Pieces: 52 Weeks Challenge – Week 7
  14. Faerie Garden Fancies on Etsy: February’s Featured EtsyBlogger: Diana Bukowski
  15. Abigail Gutting & Karina Wetzel: Two new participants join 52 Weeks Challenge in Week 10
  16. Mystic Wynd: The queen of eclectic styles – March EtsyBlogger of the Month
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