Jul 202015

In a previous post, The lure of coloring activity books for adults, I discussed what now appears to be a widespread trend among the bookstores: coloring books for adults.

“I just bought one for my wife’s birthday,” said the bookstore clerk Saturday afternoon, when he ran my credit card through the register for a copy of Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden: 20 Postcards.

Secret Garden 20 Postcards

He said that at one point his store had run low on certain titles of adult coloring books, but that publishers had finally “caught on” to the trend and bookstores everywhere are now well stocked. That certainly appeared to be true this weekend, when everywhere I looked, I saw displays of the books. I spotted them in the entryway, between the double sets of doors, on a table inside the store, and on their normal space on a bookshelf, in addition to the shelves built into the counter of the information kiosk. The store may as well have posted a billboard announcing, “Profit Leaders on Display Here.”

In any event, I was glad to pick up my little book of pre-printed post cards, simply waiting for color to be splashed on them.

Although it doesn’t cost much to purchase a coloring book and a set of 12 colored pencils, I acknowledge that for some people, their interest may wane after they color a page or two. Or, possibly, you don’t want to hand over an entire book to your kids that you think might interest them for less than a page. A good solution might be to take advantage of the many free pages you can print for yourself, beginning with the ones on this list from the Web:

A collection of adult coloring printables that continually grows can be found on Pinterest. If you search for “adult coloring therapy free inexpensive printables,” for example, here’s a screenshot of what you’ll find.

Screenshot of Pinterest printables

Let me know which sites appeal to you most. I was surprised to see how much is out there, simply waiting for your printer to take charge. In the comments below, feel free to share where you have discovered additional free coloring book printables for adults.

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