Jul 292014

When you have a collection of photos to post on your blog, or a tutorial that you want to present slide-style, SlideShare is an option you’ll want to consider, especially if you want to embed (insert) this content into your WordPress blog. The types of content you can upload includes presentations, documents, and infographics (files that are twice as high as they are wide). Not sure if you have the right software to create this content? All you need is Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. If your file is taking too long to upload, convert it to an Adobe PDF file. File formats that are supported include: PDF, ODP, ODT, PPT, DOC, DOCX, RTF and many more.

Below is an example of a SlideShare showing my mother-in-law’s lovely front and back yard in Rib Mountain, Wisconsin. I took more photos than would fit comfortably in a blog post, so decided to create a SlideShare presentation for them instead. You’ll want to click on the “expand window” icon in the lower right corner of the screen below to optimally view the slide show and captions.

In the past, a more full-featured version of SlideShare called SlideShare PRO was available for a fee, but currently PRO account upgrades are not being accepted because the PRO program is undergoing changes. The free version, however, offers bloggers great utility when you want to post more than a few photos without requiring viewers to leave your page.

For more information about SlideShare, visit the support page HERE.

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