Thinking sideways

I’ve been an absentee blogger for a couple of weeks, I confess, because I’ve been involved in creative or creativity-promoting endeavors, in addition to getting ready for the holidays. If decorating for the holidays can be counted as a form of creativity, then I guess that’s one more creative activity that has been on my …

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Convert-a-Tin Challenge revisited

My father, who used to be the plant supervisor for a company that manufactured holiday tree stands, was accustomed to dealing with procrastination. “I’ll get around to it,” someone would tell him. His response was to reach into his desk drawer and hand that person a red wooden checker, embossed with the phrase, ROUND TO …

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Group Activity: Convert-a-Tin Challenge

One of my Etsy friends, Ani of CoffeePotPeople, recently challenged herself to modify some tin containers and convert them into works of art. Inspired by a tutorial posted by Kym of kimbuktu (another Etsy friend), she produced some wonderful examples of how art, imagination and upcycling can work together to create something new and attractive. …

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