Feb 272015

All week long, we’ve been experiencing really cold—and I must admit typical—February temperatures. Today, for example, it’s sunny, but a frigid 13 degrees. Brr. Obviously, I won’t be taking a neighborhood stroll anytime soon, but one place I can take a stroll is through Etsy’s pastel product aisles. Nothing says spring like pastels, as you can see from the treasury below.

Nothing says spring like pastels

At the same time, it’s a great Friday afternoon to work on pastel-colored gratitude books. These colors just make me happy.

Pastel gratitude books in progress

It’s a good time to wear a cream-colored sweater, dotted with pastel bobbles.

Pastel bobbles

Maybe it’s time to cut out the pieces for a quilted table runner in Easter pastels.

Easter table runnner fabrics

Whatever I do today, it’s bound to have a pastel theme. What’s on your pastel agenda these days?

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Mar 302014

It’s 70 degrees today, probably the warmest weather we’ve had all month, promising that spring is around the corner. Boy, am I ready! I don’t have a single bloom poking up its head in my garden, however, so it looks like I will have to settle for a virtual garden. Fortunately, there are a lot of flowers to be found on Etsy, so I hope you’ll enjoy the ones below. Each image is clickable.

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Feb 272014

It has been a long winter. As I look out my window this evening, with the trees silhouetted against the sunless sky, it’s apparent that a little color, suggestive of the next season, is in order.

Evening winter silhouette

There isn’t much that makes me want to go outside these days, so I have been emptying tubs of papers and other items currently in our garage, and re-filling them with fabrics currently stored in cardboard boxes. I filled two huge bags with supplies that can be donated for Instant Challenge, on-the-spot problem-solving activities that Destination Imagination teams solve both during team practices and at tournament. For the past 17 years, my husband and I have been involved in creative problem-solving programs for young people. We are retiring from our state Board positions at the end of the season, and are amazed by how many books, supplies, and paperwork we have collected over the years! The items below represent just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Instant Challenge supplies

On a much brighter note—pre-spring cleaning doesn’t make me feel particularly cheerful!—I hope these product photos from Etsy will make you think of spring. I know they do for me . . . I want to dig into my fabric stash and pull out the brightest colors for pillowcases and placemats. Several of the featured items were made by fellow Blogging Business Artisans members. Enjoy!

[sh-etsy-treasury treasury=”NjIyMjQyNHwyNzIzMjI0NDc3″ size=”large” columns=”4″ display=”complete”]

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