Sep 302013

Well, I had intended to do another book giveaway today, but time is not my friend and I will have to write that post later this week. The weather was beautiful, upper 70s—a great day to take a walk on the greenway behind my house that meanders along a creek. But as I said, time was short and I spent the entire day inside, chained to my keyboard. Oh, well. This is still early fall, and there will be more opportunities to enjoy the leaves.

For today, however, I’ll have to settle for a walk through leafy items found on Etsy. In obvious and hidden ways, all of these products share leaves as a design element. All of them are featured in shops from fellow and Blogging Business Artisans and BBEST members.


[sh-etsy-treasury treasury=”NjIyMjQyNHwyNzIyNDk0OTEz” size=”large” columns=”4″ display=”complete”]

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Aug 262013

Every fall I’m reminded of the years when our now 25-year-old son started school with a new backpack filled with supplies. I unpacked a cardboard box recently, in fact, that contained some of his unused supplies: spiral notebooks, yellow Ticonderoga-brand pencils, and even a rather new-looking box of crayons. The memories are sweet, the time that we spend with our children too short. Our son was only 17 when he started college. However long the back-to-school years last, we hope that our children remember most the joy of learning, and that they carry this attitude forward with them to become life-long learners.

In that spirit, below is a treasury I curated on Etsy that includes some back-to-school themed products.

[sh-etsy-treasury treasury=”NTQwMzYwNnwyNzIyMzQ0ODAz” size=”large” columns=”4″ display=”complete”]

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Jul 232012

While Iowa lawns and fields have been scorched during high-90s and 100+ temperatures, I’ve been buried in paper (literally) inside my air-conditioned paper crafting studio. A little over a month ago, I ordered a lovely new desk from Pottery Barn and was thankful to learn it would take several weeks to get to me. A delayed delivery may not sound like a reason to celebrate, but you didn’t see what my paper crafting room looked like a few weeks ago. Embarrassing, to say the least! In any event, the desk has now arrived, and the room is tidier than I’ve ever seen it. In fact, I’m not sure it even belongs to me. Take a look now, since it won’t last! I am, after all, the Queen of Piles.

Meanwhile, I’ve fallen behind in thanking the Etsy curators who included my handmade items in their Treasuries while I was involved in my clean-up project. Please take the time to visit their shops by clicking on the Treasury below that will take you to their individual handmade items. Thank you again, everyone!

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