Apr 082012

This post was supposed to be a tale about how to save scrapbooking dollars, or more precisely, a tutorial for how to create your own 3-D flowers that don’t cost between $4 and $5 for half a dozen, such as the ones below.

I gathered my basic materials: heavyweight stabilizer, fabric and cutting die.

Then I layered my materials sandwich-style, according to the directions that came with my Big Shot® die cutting machine: acrylic cutting plate, Sizzix® cutting die, stabilizer, and—for good measure, in order to save time—the fabric—followed by a second acrylic cutting plate.

I ran the layers through the machine, and was disappointed that the die didn’t cut through all of the layers. “Needs more pressure,” I said to myself. So, I re-cut a scrap of stabilizer and fabric, and added a crease board. “That should do the trick,” I thought.

However, that turned out to be a bad idea.

I must admit that I learned a very interesting science lesson about the power of the wedge, and also the fact that the Big Shot® consists of “solid core steel rollers, unibody cast roller housing, solid steel gears, and ABS (high impactic) plastic exterior.” Many screws and washers later, I salvaged what I could.

R.I.P. Big Shot® . . . I guess I voided the three-year limited warranty, huh?

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