This post was supposed to be a tale about how to save scrapbooking dollars, or more precisely, a tutorial for how to create your own 3-D flowers that don’t cost between $4 and $5 for half a dozen, such as the ones below.

I gathered my basic materials: heavyweight stabilizer, fabric and cutting die.

Then I layered my materials sandwich-style, according to the directions that came with my Big Shot® die cutting machine: acrylic cutting plate, Sizzix® cutting die, stabilizer, and—for good measure, in order to save time—the fabric—followed by a second acrylic cutting plate.

I ran the layers through the machine, and was disappointed that the die didn’t cut through all of the layers. “Needs more pressure,” I said to myself. So, I re-cut a scrap of stabilizer and fabric, and added a crease board. “That should do the trick,” I thought.

However, that turned out to be a bad idea.

I must admit that I learned a very interesting science lesson about the power of the wedge, and also the fact that the Big Shot® consists of “solid core steel rollers, unibody cast roller housing, solid steel gears, and ABS (high impactic) plastic exterior.” Many screws and washers later, I salvaged what I could.

R.I.P. Big Shot® . . . I guess I voided the three-year limited warranty, huh?

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5 thoughts on “The tutorial that wasn’t”

  1. Oh no! That stinks!
    There have been a few times I thought I was going to over do it with my Bind-it-All too.
    The Sizzix is great for cutting thick layers since it relies on your own force for pressure, but it’s also big and bulky!

  2. That’s too bad! I’ve wanted to experiment with felt flowers, but I don’t know if I have the patience to cut them all out by hand. It would be great to find an easy machine method for it.

  3. sorry you broke your machine. Judy:1, Big Shot:0 …
    Always wondered how they worked – seen them in Hobby Lobby, I think.
    I guess they’re better than scissors… sometimes! {:-D

  4. Oh gosh! I hate it when things like this happen. Just goes to show you when something’s metal inside it just might need the same treatment outside!! Yikes.

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