The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, beginning with the first week this month, when I updated last’s year training podcast for Students for a Creative Iowa, the non-profit that administrates Iowa’s Destination Imagination program. I re-wrote parts of the training, then recorded and uploaded a series of audio recordings to the Web site.  Then I began to prepare for tomorrow’s education conference, where I’ll be co-presenting with another Board member the connection between creative problem solving, STEM (science, technology, engineeering and mathematics), 21st century skills and collaboration. My husband will be sitting at an exhibitor’s booth at the same conference, so when I’m not  presenting, I’ll be in the same place.

Two craft shows are now behind me, with one more to go. The second one took place yesterday, and the first one was a week earlier. To be honest, I don’t have much to report about either one. They weren’t remarkable, sales-wise, and neither of the organizers put a lot of effort into advertising. There’s a lesson there to be learned, so that’s all I will say for now! If nothing else, preparing for these two shows certainly did enable me to generate a lot of product for Mister PenQuin! I spent the better part of today photographing and listing new items.

Meanwhile, I’ve allowed a bundle of unfinished posts for this Web site to languish in files on my computer. One of them is this one, where I’d like to draw your attention to some really beautiful books, journals and journal covers made of fiber, fabric and thread—or a combination of  these materials. I’d love to add books or journals of this sort to my Mister PenQuin at some point, but in the meantime am content to admire others’ efforts. I hope you do, too. Feel free to click on any of these photos to see the items in more detail.

[sh-etsy-treasury treasury=”NjIyMjQyNHwyNzI0OTI5MjE0″ size=”large” columns=”4″ display=”complete”]

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6 thoughts on “Fiber + Fabric + Thread = Fabulous!”

  1. Trina (Trina's Clay Creations)

    I love all of your selections!! Awesome work! I hope your next craft show is a great one, sorry to hear the other two weren’t all that remarkable…

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