I’ve been tied up this month with technology updates, upgrades and debugging, but also with working on items for my shops in preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Was it only 12 months ago that I was thinking about this? Between making covers for mini brag books and felted needle books, I’m not sure what has kept me busier.

Current Projects

My handmade books and felted projects both involve the use of buttons, whose addition—no matter how small—changes the overall impression. Where the paper-based books tend to use commercial plastic or metal buttons, the felted needle books use handmade clay buttons. The items below have already been sold.

How I Use ButtonsI keep a jar of clay buttons on hand at all times, and fill it mostly with buttons I find on Etsy. Occasionally, I do find these types of buttons at my local fabric store, but the really unique ones can be found online.

IMG_4743When I finish a felted wool needle book, it is with pleasure that I spill the contents of the jar and browse through them. All of the buttons are glazed with one or more colors, and many of them has been texturized with tools, lace or other objects. I do have to watch the cost of these buttons very carefully. If I don’t, the price of the needle book can increase by quite a bit.

I discovered the beautiful clay buttons below on Etsy. (You can click on the image to visit the treasury and go to individual shops.) Besides using them to embellish the covers of books, you can use buttons as bag closures, basket ornaments, and of course finish off your crocheted and knitted garments and accessories with them. You can even use them in statement necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In most cases, these buttons are hand washable. If you wash them in the machine, turn your garment inside out, and use the most gentle cycle your washing machine has. Ideally, though, garments with handmade clay buttons should be washed by hand.


Have you ever used clay buttons? If so, how?

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4 thoughts on “These buttons push my button”

  1. Beautiful buttons! I can see how purchasing these could get addicting!
    I love seeing the things people create with my wooden buttons. I recently received pictures from a bridal shawl and some cute little hats 🙂

  2. You have so many cool buttons and great finds in your treasury! I try really hard not to collect buttons because I don’t typically have a use for them and it can be too easy to horde neat buttons. =)

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