In my previous post, I discussed the need for a creative timeout, or—as author Julia Cameron calls it, an “Artist Date”—to explore our sensory world, thus stocking our idea storehouse. Because we don’t always have the resources or the time to visit different places, one way of carving inspirational time for ourselves is to read other artists’ blogs. According to Tara Frey in Blogging for Bliss, “Creative blogs are wonderful and welcoming places, introducing countless avenues to express one’s passions.”

While this post is certainly not long enough to recognize all of the BBEST blogs whose visitors would consider them to be Artist Dates, here are three that are worth your attention. Over the next few BBEST blog posts, I will highlight a few others. Prepare yourself to be entertained, inspired and educated as you visit the blogs of kimbuktu, CoffeePotPeople and lizplummer.

Kym of kimbuktu devotes an entire section of her Web site to “Twelve Months,” a description of her creative journey during the last 12 months. Her beautiful Joanne Watercolor Bag and African Quilt, for example, challenges fabricholics to dig through their fabric stockpile or local quilt shop for colors and patterns that fit a specific theme. Kym’s projects include bags and quilts, journals and jumpers, place mats, paper crafts and much more. In another part of her Web site, Kym provides tutorials that will encourage you to make your very own Origami page corners, alter a tin container to become a coin purse, or learn how to do free motion quilting on a standard sewing machine. Artist profiles are in another section of the Web site; Kym has featured a number of BBEST artists.

In her shop announcement, Ani of CoffeePotPeople tells us, “They say, ‘Earth laughs in flowers.’ I want to give it something to laugh at!” Her blog certainly matches this statement with photos of her imaginative coffee pot and tea kettle people. She also tickles our taste buds with a recipe for Chicken Alfredo, and provides an account of a visit to the 12th Annual North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival in “Fun Stinks.” You never quite know what to expect from Ani on her blog, which is fun, inspiring and educational. Yes, Ani includes some tutorials, too, among them Ice Cream, No Machine! and Shank Button Earrings.

The queen of textile techniques is Liz Plummer, whose blog, Dreaming Spirals, provides both written and photographic evidence about what inspires her, and about her creative explorations. Spinning, Gocco printing, printing with a pasta maker, dyeing, embossing, and painting with acrylics on fabric represent just a few of Liz’s experiments. If you click on “Archives” at the top of her blog, you will be able to locate posts on specific topics. Even if you never explore these areas yourself, you will be inspired by Liz’s energy and her dedication to learning.

Stay tuned for future posts about inspirational BBEST bloggers!

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