Sometimes you run across a shop where every product in it makes you smile. Meet Becky Kazana, whose handmade pipe cleaner dolls all tell a story.  “My art is inspired by travel and adventure, fairy tales, Roald Dahl books, every color on earth, Christian Dior, street fashion, humor, old timey music and Marilyn Monroe,” says Becky. “I have lots of fun making pipe cleaner ornaments, illustrations, greeting cards and banners every single day.” One fact is certain, and that is that everywhere you look, from Stella the Flapper Pipette to Monique Tree Topper, you are sure to find a character that will tickle your fancy.

Becky, who with her husband has traveled through Africa, Europe, China, and all over the United States, writes about her experiences in her blog, The Fab Miss B. She explains that her last name, Kazana, is actually a Swahili word which means “to make a home.” Becky and her husband adopted this philosophy during their travels in Africa, and subsequently changed their name to Kazana. “It reminds us that our home is not a physical place, but our life together,” she says. You’ll experience some of this philosophy when you visit Becky’s second Etsy shop, The Fab Miss B, which offers vintage aprons, corsages, chinoiserie (a style in art and decoration that reflects Chinese influence in design qualities or motifs), and pipe cleaner pet ornaments–among other items.


If you are like me, after wandering through the proverbial aisles of Becky’s two shops, you’ll definitely wish to visit her blog. “This blog is a sketchbook I fill with the inspiration I find around me every day,” she says. You, too, will feel inspired.

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