Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start? I know that is how I feel when I enter my so-called paper studio (formerly my now-married son’s bedroom). Before I can begin to use that room for crafting, I need to file away all of the paperwork that has accumulated as a result of my taking on financial and health care power of attorney responsibilities for my father. To tell the truth, the paper studio looks more like an office that badly needs a makeover!

My goal this week has been to make some progress in wading through all of the paperwork. To that end, I have decided that it’s valid to use the 52 Weeks Challenge that I joined last week to help me move toward that goal. Fellow blogger Kym of Fabric Fascination, who started the 52 Weeks Challenge, is asking both herself and readers to complete one project each week. “They don’t have to be started that week,” she writes. “In fact, finishing up some UFO’s is part of my motivation for this challenge. They don’t have to be big projects, or sewing projects. Something as simple as completing a new recipe, or a child’s craft project, or getting your Quickbooks up to date will do.  The main thing is that they are completed projects.”

Accountability, in any event, is a prodding stick. I can’t say I finished my filing project, but I sure made a big dent in the task. To be honest, my original intent with regard to the 52 Weeks Challenge was to complete one creative project each week, but indirectly I suppose that a filing task can promote creativity by creating both time and space for it. Below are the results of this week’s filing activity . . . and below that is a photo of the creative project that I just happened to complete this week, a crocheted hat that matches the scarf in my previous post, Cementing the creativity habit. Since I started the 52 Weeks Challenge in its second week, perhaps this will catch me up with everyone else! You can follow the links to the other Challenge participants HERE.

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3 thoughts on “52 Weeks Challenge: Week 3”

  1. Fabric Fascination

    It must be the time of year for paperwork and organizing. I agree that having your paperwork in order helps the creativity flow. I am still working on my paperwork pile too.

    Thanks for posting to the challenge again this week. The hat is very attractive, it looks like it has a scalloped edge.

  2. Love the hat! As for paperwork, cleaning, organizing etc. I too am working on it but decided I couldn’t use it as a project for this challenge as for me it is a never ending project! Plus I keep finding more unfinished ones!

  3. sounds like a nice challenge! Good luck! I work in a museum’s archives and when I get paperwork, I start putting things in piles: correspondence, published works, photographs, etc. The next phase is taking each pile, and putting them in order – correspondence and photos are my favorites, they go in chronological order. Have fun and remember, some things (like newspapers and old bills) can be through away {:-D

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