When it’s 56 degrees on a sunny spring day, and the day lilies begin to sprout in your garden, it can be challenging to stay focused enough to finish a creative project. I almost did not get around to photographing the fingerless gloves below for Week 13 of the 52 Weeks Challenge—not because of any desire to garden (actually, I detest yard work)—but because I was occupied with gathering numbers in preparation for a meeting with our tax accountant, right on the heels of completing my father’s tax paperwork. But those dreaded tasks are now behind me, and ahead of me is a list of much more delightful creative projects.

I’m still trying to decide, when it comes to especially tedious left brain tasks, whether it takes more energy to procrastinate or complete the job. It’s likely a toss-up. In any event, after I finish such work I often don’t immediately feel particularly creative.  When this happens, I just have to sit back and do something entirely different, such as read a book or magazine, browse through blogs, listen to music, or simply take a walk. It’s helpful for me to sift through fabrics, too, or to organize yarns while my mind wanders. Afterward, I feel refreshed, and the urge to create is once more knocking on my door. It seems ironic, doesn’t it, that in order to play effectively (i.e., create), you have to play in a different way? I think I agree wtih Swiss psychologist Carl Jung when he says, “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”

What revives your creative juices after left brain tasks have taken over?

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3 thoughts on “When left brain tasks take over”

  1. Fabric Fascination

    Had to laugh at this, “I’m still trying to decide, when it comes to especially tedious left brain tasks, whether it takes more energy to procrastinate or complete the job.”

    I have been procrastinating on our taxes. I will be doing them myself, which makes me dread it even more. I have been trying to psych myself up by thinking about how relieved I will feel (unless we owe!) when they are finished.

  2. Love your gloves! Been meaning to try and make some myself but I keep – you guessed it! – procrastinating! I even have a blog post written but I need a few more photos and guess what? yup I’m procrastinating! But I have to get to it as I want to be in on the last week of March in the 52 Challenge. Off to see what needs to be photographed.

  3. Judy…I love that Carl Jung quote…we don’t play enough ! I’m neck and neck with you on the left brain responsibilities, just finished my dad’s taxes, my taxes, closed escrow on is house yesterday…time to make a pillow ! Or…walk on the beach, a nice long bath while languishing through a magazine off the stack waiting to be read, play with my stacks of fabric……
    If you were still in So Cal, I’m sure we would be meeting up for coffee and right brain chit chat…that would be great ! And the weather is gorgeous right now !
    Thank you or the great post

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