The week the Christmas tree gets taken down always feels anticlimactic to me, especially after the excitement that precedes its decorating. Because our tree is decorated with both our own family’s ornaments and those of my late parents, each decoration marks a moment in time: our son’s birth, his earliest handmade ornaments, a favorite storybook character, family members’ hobbies, the first Christmas we visited our parents after being married, my father’s love of flying. It’s fun, too, to add new ornaments to the tree, especially when they are handmade, but also purchased ones that carry a special meaning.

Our own tree still stands in front of the living room window, and probably will stay up for another full week before we remove the ornaments and put the tree away. Where I work, however, the trees in the atrium are coming down every day this week. Yes, trees. Earlier this month, 10 groups of employees—mostly different departments—were represented in a Parade of Trees decorating competition that challenged employees’ creativity. Bottlebrush tree trophies were presented at the annual holiday party for the Most Unique Tree, Best Themed Tree, Best Traditional Tree and Best Overall Tree—and each one was special in its own way.

Although not officially part of the Parade of Trees, the corporate tree in the lounge near the main entrance of the building drew everyone’s eyes.

The atrium was lined with five trees on each side. You can see a Parade of Trees banner hanging from the walking bridge that crosses the atrium.

My department decided it would focus on a traditional-themed tree, so my contribution was handmade paper ornaments, some of which are shown below.

Although the awards have already been presented, at the end of this post you can vote for your favorite tree. Unofficially, I have nicknamed each one, so I hope that doesn’t sway your opinion one way or the other. Here we go!

Tree #1 – O Starry Night

Tree #2 – Naughty & Nice

Tree #3 – Protecting Livelihoods & Futures

Tree #4 – Cookies & Milk for Santa

Tree #5 – Surfin’ Santa

Tree #6 – Hot Toasty Fingers & Toes

Tree #7 – Better Homes & Gardens

Tree #8 – Football Fantasy

Tree #9 – True Heroes

Tree #10 – Santa’s Workshop

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite tree is.

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3 thoughts on “Farewell to a Parade of Trees”

  1. Love your family “Tree of Memories”. Our Tree is one of many memories also, I have a few ornaments that were my grandmother’s when she was young. I have a few from when I was very young, which include 2 china angels (originally a set of 5) which my uncle gave me when I was very young. Each year going back to 1974 – we would purchase an ornament with year’s date; and of course, the many memories, of my children – their first Christmas, ornaments made in school. Now added are some of Zachary’s contributions.
    Great idea in your Office Building with the Parade of Trees – I love the “Starry Night” Tree. Hope it is a tradition that they keep doing each year!
    Merry Christmas Judy! Thanks for all you do for us “Blogger’s”!

  2. It’s so strange to me that people take things down right away. I was raised in an Episcopalian household and we always kept things up thought January 6. We’d usually have an Epiphany party, too, instead of a Christmas party. We celebrated the 12 Days of Christmas a little, and my cousins always spread their presents out until Epiphany. I think it makes things a bit less anti-climactic, as you say. I didn’t realize for a long time that keeping things up that ‘long’ wasn’t ‘normal!’

    Anyway, as for the trees, of course I like the surfing Santa! I liked it as soon as I saw all the colors, before I even noticed the theme. I do also like the “Better Homes and Gardens” one for a more traditional choice, too, and the “Cookies & Milk” tree has such a cozy feel like a tree you might have at home. That atrium looks so huge!

    1. Most people are know also leave their trees up until “Little Christmas” Jan. 6. This is the day the Magi brought their gifts to the newborn Infant. Although my children received their gifts on Christmas – I always had a little surprise gift for “Little Christmas”. It is also a day I can’t forget as my daughter was baptized on Jan.6!

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