One of my Etsy friends, Ani of CoffeePotPeople, recently challenged herself to modify some tin containers and convert them into works of art. Inspired by a tutorial posted by Kym of kimbuktu (another Etsy friend), she produced some wonderful examples of how art, imagination and upcycling can work together to create something new and attractive.

A Coffee Hallelujah (Celestial Seasonings tin container),

Ani and Kym’s work has inspired me, in turn, to challenge my readers and/or Etsy friends to participate in a group Convert-a-Tin Challenge. The purpose of this activity is simply to have fun, and to share with others what we are able to accomplish. So, here are the rules:

  1. Deadline for completing this challenge: October 31, 2009.
  2. Using any kind of tin container you prefer (cookie, candy, coffee, whatever), modify it. You can embellish the tin, connect it to something else, make it larger (or smaller), use part of it, substitute it for something else . . . in other words, do whatever you want. Just make sure that your end product is different than your beginning product!
  3. Take “before” and “after” photos, and post them on your blog. Tell us anything you would like about your process. If your inspiration is a tutorial you found in a book, magazine or online, please provide that information.
  4. Send me an e-mail by October 31, 2009 at with your blog address so that I can post a list of all participants, and so that we can all see what everyone has achieved.

Four simple rules . . . I hope everyone has a lot of fun with this activity. I can’t wait to see the results!

© 2009 Judy Nolan. All rights reserved.

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