One of the things Etsy sellers do for each other is celebrate each other’s business and personal successes, but also commiserate with and support each other during times of difficulty. On one of the teams to which I belong, Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team (BBEST), fellow team member Judi Brandow shared with us the story of Laura Triem, her son’s girlfriend. In early November, this vivacious young lady, a college student studying forensic anthropology, was on her way to work. Distracted, she accidentally crossed in front of a light rail train, was struck and sustained serious injuries, including brain trauma. Although I do not know Laura personally, I was touched by her story, which you can read about HERE.

Friends and family members are pulling for Laura, holding a Silent Auction fundraiser on her behalf on February 4th, 2012. If you are interested in finding out how you can help, please contact Judi Brandow through her Etsy shop, Pickleberry Trifles.

You can follow Laura’s progress on Facebook at Supporting Laura Triem, or visit her Give Forward page, which family members and friends are using to help publicize her cause and raise funds for a Special Needs Trust to assist with the needs Laura may have after all her insurance coverage is exhausted.

As for myself, I am sending Judi a collection of M&M ornaments in the hope that she can use them for Looney Jars (jars filled with items that are available for smaller donations). In the next week, I will finish and ship off to Judi a handmade journal that can be auctioned off.


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9 thoughts on “Silent auction fundraiser being held for Laura Triem”

  1. Thank you so much for this generous donation! These ornaments are adorable and will make great loony jar items! It is such a blessing to witness the outpouring of love and support that Laura is receiving through so many avenues. We still have a lot of ground to cover before the auction preparation can be deemed a success so we thank you for your commitment and hope that many more catch wind of the need and open their hearts to donate.

  2. Memories for Life Scrapbooks

    This story shows us that we need to show our love for our family and friends everyday! You never know what’s waiting around the corner! I will be sure to give my family and extra long hug today!
    I wish Laura a full recovery!!!

    1. I would like to thank you for your kind comments, as Laura’s mother I never in my wildest of dreams ever thought this would happen to us. Laura is a shining light and I have been thanking god every day that he knew we needed her here,more than he did. Laura has been blessed with the best of friends and I have been told the most amazing stories of the kindness she would do for others. Laura is now smiling and knows us all. She is my miracle and I thank god everyday for her.
      Thank you again, and please never forget to give that extra hug or kiss to your loved ones.
      Mary Chadwick Proud mother of Laura Triem

    1. I would like to thank you for asking about my daughter Laura, She had just gotten back from a wonderful vacation in Kentucky and had moved into a new apartment in Downtown Denver when after a lunch with her boyfriend Nathan she was going to get ready to go to work. She was waiting for the light rail train to pass and had her IPOD in., as the train passed by on her right she stepped forward and then at the same time a train passing in the opposite direction hit her. She never heard it or saw it coming, she only heard the first train. I thank god she never saw what hit her and that there was a paramedic/firefighter on the train, he started first aid then the other passengers on the train started praying. They have all been to the hosp to visit me and tell there story. They are why my Laura is alive today.
      We teach our children to look both ways, but when you have a poor light rail pedestrian system along with students with there phones and listening to iPods it leads to accidents.
      Laura is now in the second phase of recovery and is now smiling again and trying to talk and communicate better. She knows the love and kindness that has been shown to her and I will never forget how much love we have seen for our daughter.

      God bless, Mary Chadwick Laura Triem’s proud mother!!!

  3. splendidlittlestars

    How tragic! so glad that Laura has such a good support team. I hope she makes a full recovery and heals as smoothly as possible.

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