We are approaching the end of the winter season (hopefully), but despite my anticipation of spring, I find myself working on projects intended for colder weather—namely, more crocheted, fingerless gloves. When you sell seasonal items, it’s a bit like writing articles for a magazine: you’re always six months out of sync with the current season.

In any event, I’ve been developing a new fingerless glove pattern that takes advantage of the chevron trend you’ll see everywhere–in clothes, jewelry, accessories, home decor and other types of items. And because this month’s challenge theme for Blogging Business Artisans involves the color red, that is the color I used for my chevron-style gloves.

“February is about hearts, love, roses . . . the color red. Create any project you like using the color red!” suggests Edi of Memories for Life Scrapbooks.

So, here goes. This is a unisex glove, appropriate for either guys or gals, depending on the color you choose. This coming week, I’ll be listing this style of glove in other colors.

Thanks, Edi, for generating February’s challenge theme!

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11 thoughts on “February is about the color red”

  1. Oh, cool! I’m really liking the chevron trend and its neat you incorporated the pattern into these gloves. Fingerless gloves are pretty much all I wear (which is why my fingertips are frozen right now!) because they leave my fingers free for sewing, photography, typing, etc.

    1. To clarify – I work outside and like to sneak some sewing in when it’s not busy! That’s why I find myself sewing in gloves.

  2. I love the chevron design!! Great response to the challenge!
    I’m also anxiously awaiting Spring, but looking ahead — trying to stock up for Fall craft fairs and the next holiday season.

  3. I love all of the blogs I have spent time on today. I just hope to be as creative and organized as you are one of these days. Really love the mittens, I will promote them everywhere I can:)

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