Although creative expression is usually its own holiday for me, those of you who follow this site likely noticed that I took a holiday from posting. It has been 2-1/2 months since my father passed away from a long bout with lung cancer, and 2-1/2 weeks since my husband and I returned from a month-long stay in Germany, where we visited my father’s side of the family. During our travels in Germany I did keep a travel diary, but did not post online because I did not want to announce to the world that our house was unoccupied. If you are interested in what we did and what we saw, you can read my back-dated posts that will begin appearing on Word Walks, my family life blog, very shortly. You can also read a little bit about my father HERE.

We are now starting to get back to our own priorities, finding a new “normal” (whatever that is). Part of that process is picking up old threads and weaving them back into the fabric of our life. Those threads include writing regularly, making and selling handmade goods, and participating in online challenges, such as the 52 Weeks Challenge that I joined  many months ago but left behind me as my father’s final days approached.

Next month I am selling my paper-crafted goods at a local craft show, so the coming weeks will be busy as I create stock for my booth. Among them is a redesign of the Post-it Note® Mini Clipboards I make for my online shop, Mister PenQuin on Etsy, shown below. It is also this week’s entry for the 52 Weeks Challenge.

Mini Clipboards for Post it Notes


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2 thoughts on “Picking up old threads”

  1. Fabric Fascination

    Judy I am so sorry to hear that your Father passed away. It is good to see you again. The mini clipboards are adorable.

  2. Judy – Glad to see you are getting back to your creative side. Your father will always be with you in your thoughts and possibly even guiding you back to your new creations! Love the mini note pad clipboards – great idea – great stocking stuffers!

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